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About the project:

Kujdes: Administrata e faqes nuk mban përgjegjësi për reklamat e postuara në sit. Prandaj, mos u dërgoni kurrë para mashtruesve që ju kërkojnë para për punë, përndryshe mund të humbni paratë tuaja.


http://ishelanlari.az/ is an obline platform for quick and accurate search of job and employees available for all participants of the labor market. The project offers an easy access to a broad dababase of vacancies and resumes.

The project was founded in 2008 and is now considered one of the biggest job portals on Azerbaijan market.

http://ishelanlari.az/ is not an employment agency. It rather ensures a direct and prompt contact between an employer and a job-seeker.

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Site.Az provides the users with the opportunity to post vacancies and resumes on their own. Each user can post one vacancy and/or one resume a month without paying any fee.

Feedback: We are working towards the continuous promotion and development of the project and would be grateful for all remarks that would help achieve this goal. We will be glad to get your remarks on our e-mail:http://ishelanlari.az/  or by calling